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Brand•it cardboard furniture tables and chairs

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Brand•it furniture has a collection of tables and chairs that are the foundation of the Brand•it range of furniture. These designs are available for all sorts of applications, events, retail, corporate gifts, games promotion and many many more applications. These tables and chairs offer several different designs.


Isabella Chair – a chair for events that is very easy to assemble and disassemble. We have been able to put up 100 chairs in under 1 hour. Pre-assembly makes it very easy for the end user to “pop up” the chair.

Games Chair – This chair is based on the work chair but is lower and with a slightly more reclined seating position. Perfect for promotion of computer games or sports events.

Octagonal Table – All tables can have a square or Octagonal table top. As with the square table the height can be adjusted to be either standing height or seat height. The Small octagonal table top is perfect for standing events due to its stability.


Work Chair – This chair is simpler and is easy to assemble, it requires very little pre-assembley and is great to use for smaller corporate events or in conjunction with the work table. With higher sides this chair offers more real estate to show off your branding and works very well with the work table.


Square Table – This table can be produced at various heights with several options on the size of the table top. It can be produced for standing height for events with no chairs or at chair height for  full table and chairs effect.