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Brand•it Pop up shop and POS products

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Pop UP Shop
Halfords Arch
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Brand•it furniture has been working with brands and retailers to custom design cardboard products for retail and pop up shop applications. If you are interested in custom designes for your brand see the section on custom designs. Many of our custom designd find their way into our standard products that are available for everyone to purchase.


3M display Arch – Brand•it has developed a whole range of collapsible arches that are easy to assemble and are very attention grabbing. These arches could be used to suspend products in a window or display area .

Games Chair – This chair is based on the work chair but is lower and with a slightly more reclined seating position. Perfect for promotion of computer games or sports events.

Octagonal Table – All tables can have a square or Octagonal table top. As with the square table the height can be adjusted to be either standing height or seat height. The Small octagonal table top is perfect for standing events due to its stability.

Square Table – This table can be produced at various heights with several options on the size of the table top. It can be produced for standing height for events with no chairs or at chair height for  full table and chairs effect.

Modular shelving systems – Our square and octagonal shelving systems allow a large range of products to be displayed and are so versatile for filling any wall area, gondola or window display. All the units interlink so that you can position these elements in almost any combination.

New octagonal display system


POS Column – This impressive column can be made up to 4 Meters. The column can be used simply for attention grabbing visual or can be adapted to hold products and even shelves.

4 Meter high POS column

Modular Display Panels – Our display panels are most versitile, against flat walls or in a concave or convex curve they make a huge impact anwhere. These panels simply connect together and can go up to 3M High. They can create all sorts of structures, columns, changing rooms, wardrobes and any kind of structure for your pop up store. We can even attach actuators to the cardboard to emit sound from the cardboard.

3M display with pop out figures